10 reasons to be happy!!  

Hey guys x 

Hope your all doing good and keeping positive. If you find your having troubles and lose your way I have complied 10 reason to why we should be happy! 

1- YOU are here! 

It’s very simple but the fact that you as a human are here on the earth alive, living your life. Life should not be taken for granted it is a gift, a gift that we should take advantage of and do everything we possibly can while we have it. 

2- YOU are exactly where you are supposed to be. 

Understand everything happens for a reason whether is it for a blessing or a lesson you can never loose if you look at whatever situation you are in as something you can learn and grow from. You will always look back at a situation and realise it was all for a reason at some point. 

3- Live in the moment. 

Enjoying the moment that you are in can make a big difference. This habit takes practice but once you are able to clear you mind and live only in the moment you are  in you are able to notice all the love and joy around you and give love back. If you always look for happiness in tomorrow you will miss out on all the happiness of today and if you always reminisce on the happy moments of yesterday you will be stuck, uncabable of creating any better moments. 

4- Happiness is beneficial to your health.

 It has been proven that happy people live longer. Being happy lowers your heart rate, your levels of the stress hormone cortisol, and other symptoms we associate with heart disease.

5- it’s contagious. 

When you are happy you give out good energy into the world and you have the ability to change the mood and well being of those around you. Just a simple smile can make someone’s day. So make sure that you are a source of happiness and you will affect people in ways you didn’t even know you could. In return you will be happier. Furthermore being happy can help you have better relationships and who doesn’t want that?

6- YOU are not your mind. 

What do I mean by this? I means it’s easy for us to become slaves to our thoughts and in instances become overwhelmed by our emotion and thoughts leading us to  become our thoughts. But the good thing is we are not our thoughts, take a step back have some time out and try again. 

7- law of attraction. 

This is very simple – what you give is what you get. You cannot expect the universe you give you happiness and blessings if you only put out negative energy, we cannot attract to more then what we believe we are worth. Change your mind to be happy and positive and your whole life will be blessed with joy and good things. 

8-Nothing is set in stone

You have the power to change a situation. Nothing is certain so if you are in a situation you feel is affecting you in a bad way just remember it is not written in stone and you can change it or it will change. Everyday is a new opportunity to be better then yesterday. 

9- Be generous 

Small acts of kindness can make you feel better. Act without expectation. 

10-Look on the bright side

Your perception is key if you view everything as being bad then they will be. So always try to look to the brighter side of life and you will become instantly more satisfied. And remember to always celebrate the little victories. Happy people see possibilities when impossibilities. 

Finally I really hope you all notice that most of the points above have YOU in them. I want to make the biggest point that your happiness should come from within YOU, you have the power to make your life a happy one. 
Con mucho amor 

Jeniivanessa xx

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