Palma de Mallorca 2016

Hey guys, I’ve been waiting to do this post!

Over the summer I went to Palma de Mallorca, it was the first time I had been there and I definitely enjoyed it, mostly cause of the company I had, however, we mistook the area for another when we booked it and it ended up being predominantly German, But we made the most of it and we were able to find loads of little beaches hidden away and even done a few water sports and snorkelling. This holiday made me realise that as long as you have good company anywhere you go will be great. I can definitely say I made some beautiful memories there which I will never forget.

The weather was amazing around 25-30 degrees. I love the sun so wherever it is hot I am happy!

I also got a camera as a birthday present right before we left for Mallorca so I was able to take loads of pictures and fiddle around with it so I have so many pictures I wish I could share with you all.

Con mucho amor

Jeniivanessa xxx

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